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Rene Farrait

  • BORN
  • Rene Farrait
  • Puerto Rico
  • November 2, 1967

Rene Farrait (born November 2, 1967) is a Puerto Rican singer, actor, and former member of the boy band Menudo.

After leaving the band, Farrait enjoyed a brief solo career.

In the 80's, Rene Farrait reunited with former Menudo bandmates Xavier Serbia, Ray Reyes and Johnny Lozada and formed a trio called Proyecto M (Reyes substituted Serbia as a member of Proyecto M).

In 1998, Farrait joined six former bandmates (including Reyes and Lozada) for a comeback tour named El Reencuentro.

Following El Reencuentro's break up in 2015, Farrait, along with Reyes and fellow former Menudo members Miguel Cancel, Charlie Masso (who had substituted Farrait as member of the original Menudo) and Robert Avellanet returned to touring, this time being allowed to use the name Menudo again but using the name Menudomania Forever.

SOURCE: Wikipedia